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Each quarter, SLP Nest features an overarching theme of interest to students. Programs emphasize art as a conduit to discussion, interaction, and discovery. 

SUMMER 2020 events focus on the theme of  Virtual Gathering Spaces:

2020 has made SLP Nest think about what it means to be a community space during this time of social distancing.

Park Pride T-Shirt--design contest and giveaway

Students of SLP--highlighting hidden stories and talents of SLP students

Summer Mixtape--a virtual music and gathering hangout​


SLP Nest is space is dynamic and vibrant--ever adapting to our seasonal arts programming. This summer it's even virtual as we think about gathering space in an expanded way! Although our physical space is closed right now, we are taking advantage of the time to refresh the inside of the Nest by painting the walls and making other interior updates.

As part of the revitalization of the Walker Lake Historic District, the city of St. Louis Park will pave the alley behind the Nest and regrade our back corner. SLP Nest has also received one of the city's matching grants to fund a back patio, new awnings, and other exterior improvements. The patio will be built with reclaimed bricks and volunteer labor from our friends and neighbors. Your donations will help offset SLP Nest’s share of the costs for these improvements.

Design rendering of patio plan.

Students helped stack
2 tons of patio bricks.



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