What is your background?

My background is within the arts, tech, and marketing world.

What does your job at SLP Nest consist of?

As program coordinator, I collect student input to generate our events and make sure they run smoothly. From MCing to setting up equipment, I ensure every detail goes according to plan, ready to solve problems when needed. 

What made you join the SLP Nest team?

As an SLP High graduate, I always wanted a space like the Nest when I was attending. A place to be myself, be creative, and feel comfortable. Now being able to realize that dream for current students is even more gratifying. 

What plans do you have for activities or programs at the Nest?

Currently, we're all digital, which means we need to be creative with our activities. Right now we have two programs running, one called Students of SLP which serves as a multi media spotlight for students as we ask about what they're passionate about. The other is called Summer Mixtape, an hour long weekly segment (hosted by me) filled with user submitted music playlists, student shout outs, and discussions on hot topics. 

What is the biggest challenge of working at SLP Nest?

The biggest challenge has been needing more student input for sure. I reach out personally to students on social media and onsite but it is so helpful if you reach out to me first and let us know what you want the future of the Nest to be!

Why do you think people should come to SLP Nest?

People should come to the Nest if they're looking to create, build community, hang out, relax, etc. It's literally a creative lab and lounge, one of a kind. The possibilities are kind of endless. 


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