Ensure high school students have a
                        welcoming place to become whole

                           adults by connecting with art + 
                            each other and themselves.

                           Your contribution in combination

                          with seed funding from civic and
                       private corporate grants will support
                   ongoing programming of, by, and for
              teen youth in our community.

Donations to SLP NEST, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for making a donation. Qualifications for tax deduction have changed recently. Please consult your tax advisor. With your permission, SLP Nest will recognize your generosity on our website and in SLP NEST publications.



  501-c3 Non-Profit Name: SLP Nest

  EIN: 82-2318682


Corporate Matching: SLP Nest is listed in the corporate giving programs of Cargill, General Mills, Thrivent, and other companies. If you don't find us in your company's giving database, please add us.

In Kind Contributions: Consider connecting us with your employer for direct in kind contributions. Many companies select their charitable-giving recipients based on their employees’ interests and shared mission. Ideas: How about music-editing equipment sponsored by a technology firm, building materials donated by a construction company, furniture provided by a home store? How could your company or organization support SLP NEST? Email our Interim Director, Amy, with ideas or questions at

Amazon Smile: Did you know that you can support the SLP Nest without even trying? Amazon donates a portion of its profits to the charity of your choice.
Just go to and
choose “SLP Nest” as your charity. You won’t see any difference in selection or prices. Just shop as normal, always through this new portal.

Time and Talent: SLP Nest needs your expertise. Watch this area and sign up for our newsletter for information about volunteer opportunities. Artists who wish to inquire about contributing talents or supplies should contact our Program Coordinator, Symone at

Spread the word about SLP NEST via word of mouth, social media (@slpnest) and more. Committed community members are our best ambassadors. Please tell neighbors, friends, and family members about opportunities to support SLP NEST.

Melissa Adrian
Allen Alm
John Almquist
Angela Anderson
I Shelby Andress
Mary Armstrong
Cathy Baldwin
Shannon Bates
Rob Bathe
Mike Beadles
Anne Beaton
Jim Beecher
Lely Beitner
Jim Beneke
Julie Berg
Anne Berglin
Angela Berntsen
Bryan Bevell
Danny Bissonnette
Eric Blodgett
Chelsea Bohn Bergaus
Mandy Boland
Loren Botner
Andrea Bouzrara
Michael Brandt
Tim Brausen
Aimee Breszee
Elizabeth Bridges
Elizabeth Bryant
Susan Burghes
Benjamin Butler
Jeffrey Cachat
Jenny Campbell
Bruce Cantor
ML Carnell
Anne Casey
Yvonne Cherne
Katie Christiansen
Connie Christianson
Jerry Ciardelli
Lara Cleveland
Jesseca Cockson
Tom Cremons
Janine Crump
Julia Davis
Louis Deering
Katie DeForge
Nancy Dickerson
Robert Doss
Kay Drache
Erica Driver
Andre Durocher
Edward Ekkers
Emily Ennis
Christine Esckilsen
Colleen Farley
William Feller
Barbara Fermon
Elizabeth Fritz
Denis Gablenko
Lori Gardner
Bette Garske
Nancy Gertner
Lynn Giovannelli
Janice Goldstein
Duane Googins
Mary Gosselin


Judy Grandbois
Lisa Greene
Miriam Gustafson
Greta Hanson
Lisa Harcombe-Minson
Luke Harper
Katherine Herr
Heath Hertel
Mark Hiemenz
Burke Hill
Melissa Hoag
Robin Ignatowicz
Dan Israel
Virginia Jensen
Kalee Johannes
Jennifer Johnson
Cynthia Jones
Janice Jones-Klausing
Amy Jorgenson
Cindra Jurgensen
Pamela Juve
Shannon Kelly-Schug
Sara Kietzmann
Sandra Kline
Jason Kraft
Tobi Kreifels
Daniel Kriete
Bridgette Kroells
Jennifer Kruse
Neil Kulevsky
Natasha Kurtzon
Kathy Kyrpel
Dale Lapakko
Jami LaPray
Sharon Lehrman
Nicole Letawsky Shultz
Stacy Levy
Steven Lindeman
David Litsey
Mike MacDonald
Elizabeth Manning
Melissa Mark
James Martin
Kelly McCashin
Patti Mcdaniel
James McDonald
James McDonough
Jennifer McGarry
Bruce Mcneil
Kari McSherry
Karin Miller
Alana Moran
Amanda Munoz
Gary Nathan
Tamara Nugteren
Leslie Olson
Kim Opitz
Jennifer Ortale
Lynn Orton
Asein Osei
Greg Overall
Mallette Parry
Derek Pearson
John Penfield
Ainsley Pepperell
Corinne Pert

Rolf Peterson
Rebecca Phelan
Meghan Phimister
Kristen Piper
Stacey Poppler
Steve Porter
Jane Putzier
Kristine Raasch
Kelly Raatz
Curt Rahman
Gregory Ramseth
Bob Ramsey
Angie Ramsperger
Derek Reise
Rachel Richardson
Elaine Rider
Jake Ritchie
Roseanne Rivers
Margaret Rog
Kirsten Romness
Jan Russell
Michael Salazar
Michael Salzer
John Sams
Jessi Sando
Natalie Saunders
Debra Savitt
Julie Schanzenbach Canham
Sara Schlegelmilch
Julia Schmelzer
Monica Schoenborn
Roberta Scholer
Mark Schwartz
Erika Scott
Trent Seaman
Jane Severson Kelly
Alan Shapiro
John Sherwin
Jenzi Silverman
Steven Sinkula
Robert Slesinger
Jake Spano
Jim Staib
Tilda Swensen
Carolyn Teichner
Nichole Thomas
Jason Thon
Judith Timmons
Mary Tomback
Robb Tronson
Anne Vournakis
Isaac Wahl
Dan Walker
Anne Walsh
Kristen Wandamacher
Karen Waters
Phil Weber
Ben Weisner
Joely Wertz
Carolynn Wiggin
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Jordan Wood
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Lois Zander
Sue Zelickson


Thank you for supporting youth self-expression!




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