We have to gather in a whole new way?

We got you!
Check out SLP Nest's summer stuff!

We are still stuck at home or close to home!



SLP Nest summer social hour features music from our own DJ Symone, as well as conversation, and other ways to hang out in a new virtual space!

Tune in for the first Summer Mixtape

On Saturday, July 25 at 3 p.m.

Watch here for more info about signing in!


SUMMER 2020:


Students of SLP

Have a story to tell?
Have a hobby or talent or fun experience cooking with grandma? What happened the day you got your pet or your favorite pair of shoes or a bad haircut? What is something, great or small, that is part of who you are?

Will you share it with us and be featured here as a Student of SLP? Send Symone an email, DM (@slpnest), or fill out our contact form to join in or suggest a friend!


July 1 Student Feature:


First in SLP Nest's
Students of SLP series, Jaida talks to Symone about online what's going on from online schooling to racial justice and more. Watch all the way through to hear about her art!

July 15 Student Feature:

July 29 Student Feature:

August 12 Student Feature:


The fabulous doodle on our T-shirt was created by SLPHS student, Jaida. It was created specifically for this T-shirt design contest!

"I have always had a love for art. That’s all I wanted to do in my spare time as a kid. I never really knew what my “style” was until I found out what doodle art was when I was 12 years old. I wasn’t the best at doodles but my love for it grew. I would always be working on something even if It was with a piece of notebook paper with a #2 pencil. I would always think of new characters to add in my doodles in class. After a year of practicing one of my teachers were very interested in my art and wanted to buy a piece from me. That’s when I knew I could do something with art. More and more people started to love what I did and gave me a lot of support. Two years later and I’ve improved so much and started exploring different ways of projecting my art. I discovered graphic design and much more. I am still continuing my journey in art and exploring new things."

Find Jaida on Instagram @jaida.p.artz


2020 is a crazy year! 

To honor students, SLP Nest has organized a T-shirt design and giveaway!


Shirts are free to the first 100 students who request them. Tag 2 friends on our Instagram post @slpnest, and we'll get you on the list.

Not an Instagram fan? No problem!
Send your name, email or text #, and size via our
comment form or email info@slpnest.org.

Available for PICK UP AT SLP NEST

End of June

We'll DM, text or email about T-shirt pick-ups.



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