SLP NEST is closing.

Letter to our supporters:

Dear Friends of SLP Nest,

 We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your

summer—despite its challenges.

As you know, the global pandemic has changed the landscape of in-person interactions and gatherings for the past six months and likely well into the future. These conditions conflict with the heart of our SLP Nest mission, which is to nurture in-person interactions by and for students. Additionally, in this coronavirus environment, scaling up the human and financial resources needed to run a robust operation has become an even bigger challenge. 

That’s why we’re heartbroken to announce that SLP Nest is permanently closing on August 31.


For all you’ve done to support the Nest, for believing in our vision and for helping to make it a reality—we thank you, our donors and supporters, civic organizations and local grant agencies. Your support has made a difference in the lives of young people in our community. We’re pleased and proud that so many people have had positive experiences in this special place. We’re grateful for what we’ve accomplished over the last two years and inspired every day by the young people of SLP who teach, learn, and create in our space. Thanks to you, numerous teens were able to:


  • Showcase their music, art, and other talents via concerts, art exhibitions, and open mic events

  • Offer and participate in artistic, expressive, self-exploration, mental wellness and de-stress activities 

  • Host and participate in student-driven conversation forums on race and the environment

  • Rest and relax in our safe gathering space 

  • Enjoy coffee and tasty snacks at teen-friendly prices


Over the next few weeks, we’ll attend to the business of shutting down SLP Nest: Our wonderful staff members will be paid through August 31; we’ll set aside funds to cover accounting and organizational expenses associated with closing; we’ll donate any remaining funds to St. Louis Park nonprofits; and we’ll share our learnings about engaging youth with other SLP organizations whose missions overlap with that of SLP Nest.


Once again, we thank you for your support.



Julia Schmelzer

Board Chair

Thom Miller

Board Treasurer

Lara Cleveland

Board Secretary

Social distancing has challenged SLP Nest to think about community and space in a whole new way. Over the summer, we experimented with virtual ways of gathering!

Learn about our renewed focus on art and engagement, meet our staff.

We are no longer taking donations. We thank you for your support.


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